Release galore & Term sheet

Oct 8, 2023

Chris Peters spent 9 years as the first data scientist at Zapier. At Zapier he helped bring greater focus on their B2B business and grew them from a few million to a few billion dollars in valuation.

He’s now helping Touch formulate predictive models to increase email engagement between sellers and buyers.

Hiring was my primary focus in Sept. We aspire to build a world-class team at Touch to delight our customers.


  • Annual Recurring Revenue: $26,766

  • Growth(avg. monthly): 80%


  • Release Galore: Touch is now the world's first Mobile Adaptive intelligent outreach platform. In addition there are over a 100 small but high impact capabilities released. These lead to one simple outcome: Intelligent outreach in seconds.

  • Term Sheet: We have more than a few investors courting us actively, one has shared their term sheet for review.

  • MAU Peaks: Our monthly active users hit an all time high of 30 users.

  • Email Sent hits highs: Emails sent by our users spiked to all time highs of over 500.

  • Avg Open Rate: 44%

  • Engagement Rate: Started tracking reply rate, click rate etc.


  • Due to a very manual data flow, our customers' experience with data is inconsistent.

  • We didn’t sign any new customers as the focus this month was on hiring talent and retaining customers. October will be the month of new customer acquisition.


  • Huge shout out to Bharat for his foundational support with team building. Thanks for fielding the final review call with potential team members.

What to expect:

  • We are going through the final steps of procuring 100 million contacts in the US. We’d like to place the directory of the world's buyers at every seller's fingertips.