Top Right 📈

Nov 16, 2023

Shiv Deepak Muddada after spending a decade as HackerRank(YC 11) Founding Engineer, has started working on building Touch. Chris, fmr Zapier Data Scientist concluded his first month with Touch. 🥳

In his first week Shiv has already delivered Self Serve v1.

Customer Success was our primary focus in Oct, as we transitioned to a usage based pricing model.


  • Annual Recurring Revenue: $26,277

  • Growth(monthly avg): 95%


  • Users: MAU = 69 (130% MoM). WAU = 8.

  • Usage: Emails sent - 992 (512% MoM)

  • Early Access: Organic early access requests peaked in Oct.

  • 80 Million contacts: We now have a database of 80 million US decision makers. This lays the foundation of our Seller <> Buyer matching platform.


  • Was unable to convert Techolution from Fintech use case to using Touch for sales. We refunded $2k as a result.

  • Yet to deliver on the Sales Copilot contract with TPC($16k ARR). Payments not received on this. On the other hand, same customer has doubled usage of their first fully paid contract (Prospecting Automation)


  • Once again Bharat continues to support our hiring initiatives. Grateful for his consistent support.

What to expect:

  • Increased focus on Customer Success and Fundraise.