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Sep 2, 2023

For the last 5 months our ARR has grown at 110% month over month. Excited for the growth ahead now that we have a fully functional product.

Touch is automating sales prospecting so it can be done in seconds.

Our engineering team has once again outdone themselves. Touch now takes only a few seconds to send personal emails en masse. 

The most interesting aspect of defaulting to GPT for email generation has been the wide variety of A/B testing possibilities. We’re able to test a wide variety of email subjects and bodies. 

We’ve shortened our A/B test loops from days down to hours. Minutes next.


Annual Recurring Revenue: $26,766

Five month average growth: 110% 

What worked?

📱Went live with mobile adaptive Touch.

🚨New logo alert: CEO and VP Sales of Althub are the newest customers to Touch. Referred by the champion of start ups, Brian Phillips, GP of Pearl Fund.

🥳We went live on Times Square Billboard for only the first time. NASDAQ billboard next.

Areas of improvement:

😭We had to fire 3 customers as they didn’t have an ideal customer profile fit. This is our first experience with customer churn. With a narrow ICP focus and functioning product we expect to buck this trend.

What's on the horizon?

Target ARR = $44k

Introducing "Outreach Zero": Our vision is to reshape the entire cold outreach landscape using game design principles.