Engagement 🤝

Dec 1, 2023

Our primary focus for the month of November - Engagement 🤝. We increased engagement with users, their customers and our team.

One of the many ways we engaged with our audience was through this panel talk at Pace. (full video)

📈 KPI’s

  • Annual Recurring Revenue: $9,597

  • Growth(monthly avg): 55%

🥳 Highlights:

  • Engaged Users: WAU = 14 (16% MoM).

  • Engagement: 🔗 Click through by our customers.

  • 100 Million contacts 📇: We now have a database of 100 million US decision makers. This continues to build the foundation of our Seller <> Buyer matching platform.

😢 Lowlight:

  • After 3 months of no payment from TPC($16k ARR contract) we dropped that ARR. On the other hand, same customer has doubled usage of their first fully paid contract (Prospecting Automation)

📢 Shoutouts:

  • Brian Phillips(GP at Pearl Fund), for being an incredible mentor and sharing valuable feedback on improving Touch as a user.

🔮 What to expect:

  • Immense Focus on Product Market Fit.

  • Upcoming Panel event