What is Intelligent Outreach?

Aug 28, 2023

The idea of Intelligent outreach was born out of a problem often faced by Sales reps: Missed revenue targets.

The year was 2021, I had just concluded two consecutive years of $10mill in revenue each, first at Broadcom, then Google Cloud.

Yet, when the new year arrived with a refreshed territory and team, for the first time in over 3 years I struggled with getting to our revenue pipeline goals. This in turn led to missing sales targets. ⛔️

At both Broadcom and Google, I was surrounded by top-tier sales teams, equipped with the best tools in the industry. Yet, something was amiss. They had data on prospective clients, call logs, interaction histories, even intricate behavioral data. But, there was a glaring gap. Operational and marketing insights were not leading to sales action. There was a disconnect.

I was at a crossroads, witnessing a chasm in the sales landscape that many didn’t realize existed. We took the bull by the horns and began engaging with various sales teams, trying to ascertain the root of the problem. 

The CRM systems across these enterprises were exceptional at documenting what transpired, but they faltered when it came to deciphering the 'why' behind these events and connecting the why to action.

"Why did this client not proceed? Was it merely a budget constraint or did we fail to address their pain points adequately? How is the market evolving and how can I serve my customer better?" These were the kinds of questions I often pondered

This rift was evident in the data. The engagement rate from customers was dropping dramatically, less than 10% in most cases.

Realizing that this wasn't a problem unique to my experience, but rather an industry-wide challenge, we saw an opportunity and started focusing on intelligent outreach.

Touch — a platform that would not just aggregate sales insights but also weave them into intelligent outreach. Touch is building a platform that combines the power of AI with the finesse of human touch, bridging the gap between marketing and operational insight💡 to intelligent action

How Touch solves this problem:

  1. Data Integration: Seamlessly bring all your customer data together from all silos: Email, CRM, calendar etc.

  2. Customer Database: Touch is a customer database centric application. We begin with identifying your buyers in our large database so you don't have to. Track their journey with your digital assets.

  3. Intelligent Outreach: With an eye towards a zero input system, Touch then generates a dynamic sequence based on customer's engagement with your email. Each step curated for the unique point in the customer journey towards solving their problem with your product.

At the heart of Touch is the realization that sales automation has to bring a great experience to sellers while vastly improving your buyers experience.

Touch is not another CRM solution. We’re proposing a revolution – a seamless fusion of sales and your customer data. In this paradigm, every outreach isn’t just an isolated pitch but a chapter of a larger, compelling brand story. One that doesn’t just sell a product, but converses with its audience, thanks to the united forces of sales and customer data.

Automate your Sales with Touch