Top 10 Sales Blogs for learning to crush quota

Dec 4, 2023

Finding the best sales blogs can be a great way to stay informed about the latest trends, strategies, and insights in the world of sales. Here are some of the top Sales blogs:

  1. Touch Blog for Sales

    • Focus: in depth content library with well written content that gleams from enterprise technology sales leaders experiences. Covers topics ranging from Sales best practices, Negotiation tactics to use of Technology in sales.

    • Why Read: Content created and curated by top sales leaders with deep industry expertise.

  2. HubSpot Sales Blog

    • Focus: Offers a wide range of topics from inbound sales to sales enablement and technology.

    • Why Read: HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing and sales, and their blog reflects their expertise in these areas.

  3. Salesforce Blog

    • Focus: Covers various aspects of sales, CRM, and customer engagement.

    • Why Read: Salesforce is a giant in the CRM space, and their blog provides insights into leveraging technology for sales success.

  4. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino

    • Focus: Shares strategies on B2B sales, personal development, and leadership in sales.

    • Why Read: Anthony Iannarino is a well-known sales leader and his blog offers deep, thoughtful insights into the sales process.

  5. Jill Konrath's Blog

    • Focus: Provides tips and strategies particularly useful for B2B sales professionals.

    • Why Read: Jill Konrath is a respected sales strategist and speaker, and her blog is a great resource for actionable sales advice.

  6. The Sales Leader by Colleen Francis

    • Focus: Focuses on sales strategies, improving sales performance, and sales leadership.

    • Why Read: Colleen Francis is an expert in sales strategies, and her blog offers practical advice for sales leaders.

  7. Sandler Training Blog

    • Focus: Offers sales training and coaching tips.

    • Why Read: Sandler Training is renowned for its effective sales training methods, making their blog a great educational resource.

  8. Heinz Marketing Blog

    • Focus: Covers B2B sales and marketing strategies.

    • Why Read: Provides a balanced view of sales and marketing, offering insights into how both functions can work together effectively.

  9. LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog

    • Focus: Provides tips on using LinkedIn for sales, social selling, and networking.

    • Why Read: As LinkedIn is a key tool for modern sales professionals, this blog offers valuable advice on leveraging the platform.

  10. Gong's Revenue Intelligence Blog

    • Focus: Focuses on data-driven sales strategies and revenue intelligence.

    • Why Read: Gong is a leader in revenue intelligence, and their blog provides insights into using data analytics in sales.

These blogs are a great starting point to expand your knowledge and stay updated with the latest in sales. Remember, the best blog for you will depend on your specific interests, industry focus, and sales role.

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