10 tips to nail a discovery call

Dec 4, 2023

Discovery calls are a critical step in the sales process, serving as the bridge between initial email outreach and a deeper sales conversation. Here are some essential tips to enhance your discovery calls, building on the foundation laid by your email outreach:

1. Pre-Call Research

  • Tip: Use the information gathered during email outreach to research the prospect thoroughly.

  • Benefit: This prepares you to ask informed questions and tailor the conversation to the prospect's specific needs and interests.

2. Set Clear Objectives

  • Tip: Have clear goals for what you want to achieve with the discovery call, such as understanding the prospect’s pain points or determining their decision-making process.

  • Benefit: This focus ensures the call is productive and moves the sales process forward.

3. Create a Structured Call Agenda

  • Tip: Prepare a structured agenda based on the insights gained from your email interactions. This should include key questions and topics to cover.

  • Benefit: An agenda keeps the call on track and ensures all important areas are covered.

4. Establish Rapport Early

  • Tip: Start the call with a personal touch, referring to something from your previous email exchanges.

  • Benefit: This personal connection can make the prospect more comfortable and open to sharing information.

5. Practice Active Listening

  • Tip: Focus on listening to the prospect’s responses and ask follow-up questions based on their answers.

  • Benefit: Active listening helps uncover deeper insights and shows the prospect that you value their input.

6. Ask Open-Ended Questions

  • Tip: Use open-ended questions to encourage the prospect to provide detailed information.

  • Benefit: These questions can lead to valuable insights about the prospect's challenges and needs.

7. Showcase Your Understanding

  • Tip: Reference specific points from your email conversations to demonstrate that you have paid attention to their needs and concerns.

  • Benefit: This reinforces the prospect's perception of you as attentive and invested in their success.

8. Offer Initial Insights

  • Tip: Share some initial thoughts or insights that align with what you’ve learned about the prospect's situation.

  • Benefit: Offering value early in the conversation can establish your credibility and expertise.

9. Discuss Next Steps

  • Tip: End the call with a clear discussion of the next steps, such as scheduling a follow-up meeting or sending additional information.

  • Benefit: This keeps the momentum going and clearly defines the path forward in the sales process.

10. Follow Up Promptly

  • Tip: Send a follow-up email after the call summarizing key points discussed and confirming the next steps.

  • Benefit: A prompt follow-up reinforces the points discussed and keeps the conversation fresh in the prospect’s mind.


Enhancing your discovery calls involves preparation, effective communication, and a focus on building a relationship with the prospect. By leveraging the information gained during your email outreach and applying these tips, you can conduct discovery calls that are more engaging, insightful, and effective in moving prospects through the sales funnel.

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