Complex Sales: Navigating Challenges with Touch

Dec 6, 2023

Complex sales, characterized by longer sales cycles, higher customer involvement, and multiple decision-makers, present unique challenges. A tool like Touch can be instrumental in navigating these complexities. Here’s how Touch can be leveraged to address the specific challenges of complex sales:

1. Managing Extended Sales Cycles

  • Challenge: Longer decision-making processes.

  • Solution with Touch: Use Touch’s CRM functionalities to track and manage prolonged sales cycles effectively. Schedule regular follow-ups and keep a detailed log of interactions to maintain momentum.

2. Dealing with Multiple Decision-Makers

  • Challenge: Navigating through a web of stakeholders.

  • Solution with Touch: Utilize Touch’s data management capabilities to keep detailed records of each stakeholder's preferences and concerns. Tailor communication and proposals to address the diverse needs of each decision-maker.

3. Customizing Sales Approaches

  • Challenge: Each client’s needs are unique and require tailored solutions.

  • Solution with Touch: Leverage Touch’s analytics to gain insights into specific client needs and customize your sales pitches. Use historical data and patterns to inform and refine your approach for each client.

4. Educating and Nurturing Leads

  • Challenge: Clients in complex sales often require more information and reassurance.

  • Solution with Touch: Develop and share educational content and detailed case studies through Touch. Use its marketing automation tools to nurture leads with relevant information over time.

5. Coordinating Sales Teams

  • Challenge: Ensuring all team members are aligned and informed.

  • Solution with Touch: Utilize Touch’s collaboration tools for effective team coordination. Ensure that everyone has access to the latest data and can contribute insights into the sales strategy.

6. Tracking and Analyzing Sales Data

  • Challenge: Making sense of vast amounts of sales data.

  • Solution with Touch: Use Touch’s advanced analytics features to track key sales metrics and gain actionable insights. Analyze trends and patterns to inform future sales strategies.

7. Handling Post-Sale Relationships

  • Challenge: Maintaining relationships after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction and identify upsell opportunities.

  • Solution with Touch: Use Touch to continue engagement post-sale. Monitor customer satisfaction and stay alert to additional needs or opportunities for upselling.

8. Integrating with Other Business Tools

  • Challenge: Complex sales often require the integration of various business tools for a seamless process.

  • Solution with Touch: Take advantage of Touch’s integration capabilities to ensure it works in tandem with other enterprise tools, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions across platforms.


In the context of complex sales, Touch can be an invaluable asset. It helps in managing extended sales cycles, dealing with multiple decision-makers, customizing sales approaches, and much more. By effectively utilizing Touch, sales teams can navigate the intricacies of complex sales more efficiently, leading to better outcomes and stronger customer relationships.

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